Amanda Coultas joins our English Department this term

Amanda Coultas will join the English Department this term.

Originally from Whitley Bay, Amanda studied English literature in St John's College, Cambridge. Her first teaching post was in London, but for the past 20 years she has been teaching in the north-east of England. Amanda has been Head of English (on two occasions), Head of Sixth Form, and an assistant headteacher. Alongside this, she has worked for one of the large exam boards in various roles, and is currently the lead moderator and lead adviser for A level English literature.

Amanda believed that her role is to help young people progress, learn, and achieve, to the very best of their ability. Being skillful at English, and understanding this wonderful language and being able to use it thoughtfully and intelligently, is truly a skill for life.

Amanda's love of English was inspired by Jane Austen, and her favourite writers and poets include Tony Harrison, W B Yeats, J K Rowling and Jodie Taylor.

We asked Amanda:

What's your guilty pleasure?
Sneaking off to read a book with a cup of tea.

Which achievement are you most proud of?
Learning to put my face in the water when I swim (and bringing up my lovely daughter of course)

Choose a castaway disc.
The Complete Works of Abba

Your signature dish?
Chicken curry

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