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Old Oswestrian Society

Since the first Old Oswestrian dinner on 1st March 1882 the Society has grown to become a very active body of support who is just as passionate about the School’s future as it is about its past.  With various functions and regular updates via newsletters and social media, the Society gives an insight to all past pupils and parents of the School.

An Old Oswestrian’s connection with the School does not stop once they walk through the ‘Last Day’ exit for the final time as a pupil. The Society endeavours to facilitate a continuing relationship with all Old Oswestrians. We pride ourselves on the tremendous sense of community that our Old Oswestrians have with one another and with the School.  Despite a diverse range of ages, occupations, and interests, we believe the shared experience of years at School creates a great bond for all members of the Society which exists to enable that sense of community to flourish.  The Society helps all members to keep in touch, and to continue to support the School in many diverse ways.

Membership Criteria and benefits

Become a Member of the Society!

All those who have been educated or did the educating at Oswestry School are eligible to be members of the Old Oswestrian Society and become Life Members through a one off subscription. If you are not a part of the Society, but would like to join, please contact Rachel Bowd for details.

Keeping in touch:

Our biannual Old Oswestrian newsletter helps to keep members brings the latest news about members of the Society, upcoming events and progress and development at the School.

The Society has many ways to keep in touch with fellow members, upcoming events and School developments, these include:

  • E-mail - updates which are sent regularly
  • Newsletter - which is available in electronic format. (If you would prefer to receive your copy via post, please email Rachel Bowd or call 01691 655711)

Have you lost contact with your contemporaries?

We are always happy to help you find friends and put you in contact with fellow members. In accordance to Data Protection Act we cannot divulge personal details without permission, but we will gladly forward letters and e-mails.


We have lost contact with you!

Over the years we have unfortunately lost contact with some of our members.  If you think you know someone who has lost contact with the School and OOs, or you yourself have lost contact, please contact Rachel Bowd who will be very grateful to hear from you.


Update your details:

If you have not been hearing from the Society recently your name might not be on our database. However, we may have your name but incorrect contact details for you. Please update your details below and start hearing from the Society!

If you would like to arrange a visit to the School to see how things have progressed and to visit old haunts please contact Rachel Bowd (01691 655711 or email Rachcel on the above link) who will be happy to give you a guided tour.

Objectives of the Society

The Society’s core objectives include:

  • To support the charitable objectives of Oswestry School
  • To maintain, promote and facilitate means of communication and to form a bond between the School and OOs
  • To assist where possible the continuing camaraderie amongst OOs
  • To maintain traditions and help promote the interests of the School


Old Oswestrian Society Management:

The management of the Society is the responsibility of an Old Oswestrian Society Committee which, together with the Headmaster, meets termly and is made up of members from across the years.

President: Joy Griffiths (1976-89)

Chairman: Sian Boffey (1991-1998) If you wish to contact please telephone 07813 764938

Hon Secretary: Sarah Marshall (1989-99)

Hon Treasurer: Liz Hindmarch (1986-95)


Society Events

The Society offers a diverse range of events that allows members to get together. The main event is held in November to mark our Founder’s Day. Founder’s Day offers a fun atmosphere for members to regroup, reminisce about the ‘good old days’ share in the School song, “Gaude, plebs redemptionis” then get in some competition against the existing School teams including football, netball or hockey. The event ends with the, less muddy and much warmer, Annual Society Dinner which is held at the School.

There are a variety of other events throughout the year for the members, including an annual London Dinner held in May and Golf tournament in June. There is also a Headmasters XI vs. Old Oswestrian XI cricket match in July, and finally all Old Oswestrians are welcome to the annual Summer Ball.

Old Oswestrian Questionnaire

Please help the Society to continue in their development by completing this questionnaire. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete and the answers provided will help to improve what the Society offers their members and how best to contact you.  Please feel free to email it back to Rachel Bowd or post it to Oswestry School, Upper Brook Street, Oswestry Shropshire, SY11 2TL.

Please click here for the questionnaire.
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